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[sumo-dev] Version 0.31.0 released

Dear friends and users,
we are happy to announce the next release of SUMO.
Again, there are many new features and fixes in this release and the most important ones are listed below:

For a full list of changes with links to the new stuff, see

Major feature additions:

- Behavior at intersections can now be configured with new junction model parameters.
- Vehicles and Pedestrians on the same lane now react to each other
- Collisions between vehicles and pedestrians are now detected (on junctions, only when setting the option --collision.check-junctions)
- Additional output attributes in summary-output, lanechange-output,
  tripinfo-output, trip statistics
- Sublane model now models lateral acceleration with the new parameter 'lcAccelLat'
- Calibrators can now be defined for specific lanes not just for the whole edge
  (Caution: To obtain the old behavior, calibrators must use the attribute edge.  When using the attribute lane the new behavior is activated).
- Lots of new netconvert options for defining traffic lights: define red
  durations, minimum and maximum durations. Also improved computation of yellow times.
- POIs and Polygons can now be defined with a new editing mode in Netedit.
- Minimum and maximum phase duration for actuated traffic lights can now be
  defined in Netedit
- TraCI now supports simultaneous connections from multiple clients
- many new TraCI functions: create new vehicle types, reroute persons, retrieve
  accumated waiting time, access rerouting-device parameters
- OD2Trips can now be used to defined pedestrian and intermodal person demand
- osmWebWizard improvements: now supports location search, generates actuated
  traffic lights be default and uses improved speed distributions.
- many flowrouter improvements to achieve higher flow and control generated
  routes with various restrictions.

Major Bugfixes:

- Many fixes for the Sublane-model (bugs that prevented changing, caused invalid
  changing, collisions, deadlocks. Also fixed invalid drawing angle.
- Fixes for the default lane changing model that were causing invalid lane
- Fixed various crashes when invalid inputs were given.
- Fixed output bugs (meandata occupancy and density, route length in
  tripinfo-output, fcd-output in 3D networks)
- Screenshots configured via gui-settings-file are now working regardless of simulation speed
- Fixed GUI glitches in left-hand networks
- Actuated traffic lights are now loaded correctly from a .net.xml with Netconvert and Netedit
- Various fixes related to importing OpenDRIVE networks.
- Various fixes for Netedit that were causing slow-down or crashing
- Fixed loss of junction elevation data when moving junctions in Netedit
- Loading color schemes is now working in Netedit
- Fixed various bugs that were causing invalid junction shapes in Netedit
- Fixed invalid Duarouter output when using speedFactor and speedDev
- Various TraCI fixes: (errors when reloading the simulation, moveToXY mapping
  issues, screenshots issues)

Further Changes:
- SUMO now uses C++11
- router options (Duarouter, JTRRouter, DFRouter, MARouter) are now more
  consistent with simulation options:  -a for additional files, -r or --route-files for all kinds of route input (trips, flows, routes, alternatives)
- Many new documentation pages: description of automatically generated traffic
  light programs, tutorial for importing public transport data from OSM,
overview on Safety-related topics, overview on geo-coordinates
- TraCI version is now 16

Have fun with the new release,
Pablo, Jakob, Robert, Michael, Yun-Pang, Gregor. Laura and Leo

PS: Note, that the mailing lists have moved. The next release will only be announced via the new lists (see

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