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[sumo-announce] Version 1.16.0 released

Dear friends and users,
we are happy to announce the release of SUMO version 1.16.0.
The download links are at

This release brings you many new tools and visualization features.
To showcase these features, we added exemplary plots to many simulation-output
documentation pages (with linked example commands to create them).
Netedit now supports defining edgeData output and sumocfg options to further reduce
the need for manual XML-editing. New TraCI functions give access to
aggregated detector values and these values are also usable in sumo-gui at runtime.

With 1.16.0 we're also starting to translate the SUMO interfaces and messages to
new languages which you can test with the new 'Language' menu.

There are many more features and fixes in this release and the most important
ones are listed below. For a full list of changes, as always see

=== Enhancements ===

- OpenDRIVE export supports road objects, lane dividers, traffic signs and pedestrian crossings
- Added option --osm.crossings to import pedestrian crossings from OSM.
- Improved traffic light interpretation in OSM

- It is now possible to load and save a .sumocfg file and also to edit all sumo options (SHIFT-F10).
- Added MeanData mode to create and modify <edgeData> and <laneData> definitions.
- Crossing mode now ensures that only sensible crossings can be defined.

- Aggregated detector values are now listed in their respective parameter dialog.
- Scaling edge width by loaded edge data is now supported.
- Added vehicle setting to maintain orientation after reversal for a more realistic visualisation of reversing trains and (grounded) aircraft.
- Added guiShape "aircraft".
- Added terrain to 3D view.

- Added functions vehicle.getDeparture and vehicle.getDepartDelay.
- Added functions to retrieve aggregated inductionLoop detector measures.
- Added functions to retrieve aggregated lanearea detector measures.
- Added functions vehicle.getLoadedIDList and vehicle.getTeleportingIDList.

- Simplified running a batch of configurations multiple times
- Major improvement in sampling speed.
- Permit parsing multiple elements and attributes at once. The new default is to parse all elements and attributes.
- Added option --vehicle-class to guide edge mapping.
- Now works on Windows.
- Added new tool to filter elements from an xml file (either all instances or filtered by attribute value).
- Added new tool to compute the numerical difference between two xml files with the same structure.
- Added new tool to compare two fcd-output files (by vehicle id and time).
- Added new tool to watch moving POIs from a recording alongside a running simulation
- Many enhancements to (categorical data, wildcards, multiple attributes, ...)

- Stops now support attribute jump="TIME" to model explict jumps (teleports) between disconnected locations.
- Added option --language to select language for warnings and messages of all applications.
- You can help to complete and improve the translation at

=== Bugfixes ===

All Applications:
- Fixed XML-validation error when SUMO_HOME is not set. (regression in 1.15.0)

- Improved simulation speed in large networks with simulation routing. (regression in 1.2.0)
- Fixed crash when defining ride without lines. (regression in 1.11.0)
- Fixed invalid braking at junction.
- Fixed invalid blocked state while decelerating and trying to perform lane change.
- Fixed invalid change to lane with stopped leader.
- Fixed invalid error when using departSpeed values 'avg', 'last', 'desired' or 'speedLimit'.
- Pedestrian no longer walk onto crossings which are fully blocked by traffic.
- Fixed invalid train insertion delay on bidirectional track.
- Fixed deadlock on bidirectional track involving trains that arrive within a block.
- Picking up persons and containers with lines="ANY" is now working in meso.

- Fixed crash when adding green verge to an edge selection. (regression in 1.10.0)
- Fixed bug where stops on looped routes where saved in an invalid order. (regression in 1.12.0)
- Right click on elements above a polygon now acts on the top element again. (regression in 1.14.1)
- Fixed invalid position of start and end edge geometry points after merging geometry points in move mode. (regression in 1.14.1)
- Fixed crash when using 'convert to roundabout' from the junction context menu. (regression in 1.15.0)

- Fixed invalid camera position after tracked vehicles exits the simulation. (regression in 1.13.0)
- Fixed invalid right-click target when there is a pedestrian crossing on top of a polygon. (regression in 1.15.0)
- Right-click on vehices and person no longer fails on very wide lanes.

- Fixed xml-validation error when importing MATSim network. (regression in 1.15.0)
- Fixed unnecessary dead-end lanes at large intersections.
- Fixed invalid OpenDRIVE output for lefthand networks.
- Fixed bugs related to option --junctions.join
- Fixed invalid guessed connections.
- Fixed several problems with <split> element

- Foe lanes for crossings can now be retrieved.
- Function traci.edge.setAllowed is now working.
- Fixed problems when using libsumo with gui.
- Fixed crash on rerouting after insertStop/replaceStop.

- plotting a single measure is working again. (regression in 1.15.0)
- Fixed duplicate consecutive edges in route.
- several fixes with regard to mapping and output style.

Have fun with the new release,
Angelo, Jakob, Robert, Johannes, Michael, Yun-Pang, Pablo, Mirko and Benjamin

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