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[sumo-announce] SUMO 1.14.0 released

Dear friends and users,
we are happy to announce the release of SUMO version 1.14.0.
The download links are at

This release brings you many new emission models and options for configuring fuel consumption.
Our python tools provide new features to simplify traffic demand generation.
We also fixed quite a number of bugs some of which were regressions in previous releases.

There are many more features and fixes in this release and the most important ones are listed below.
For a full list of changes, as always see

=== Enhancements ===

- Simulation
  - Added support for emission model PHEMlight V5. Among other things, this permits modeling of fleet aging.
  - Added support for the HBEFA4 emission model with more than 800 emission classes.
  - Vehicles at longer planned stops now switch off their engine.
  - Automated engine start/stop can be modeled.
  - Actuated traffic lights can now react to downstream jamming
  - On-demand stopping of public transport vehicles is now possible

- netedit
  - Traffic light mode now supports all phase attributes of NEMA and actuated tlTypes and fully supports the NEMA controller
  - All attributes can now be reset to their default value by deleting the attribute
  - Walkingareas are now shown and can be located by id.
  - Shift-click in demand-stop mode now sets parent element (i.e. vehicle).
  - Create edge mode now visually previews whether a new junction will be created or an existing junction will be re-used.
  - Added dialog for fixing / reporting network element problems.
  - Improved visualization of trips between junctions.
  - A custom color rainbow is now supported for all data elements.
  - Added tooltips on mouseover

- tools
  - tls_csvSignalGroups now supports generating actuated traffic lights
  - osmWebWizard now provides a seamless satellite background
  - Now supports plotting by leaderGap
  - Added various options to randomize stop assignment (i.e. to model random break-down of cars).
  - now supports option --write-flows poisson to generate flows with poisson arrival pattern.
  - Can now load pedestrian walks as candidate routes.
  - Can now define a timeline of different demand levels.
  - Now supports option --insertion-rate to define demand as vehicles-per-hour and option --insertion-density to define demand as vehicles-per-hour-per-km.

- sumo-gui: 3D-view now permits opening vehicle context menu via right-click.
- netconvert: Now supports generating NEMA controllers.
- netgenerate: Added option --random.type to pick a random edge type from all loaded types.

=== Bugfixes ===

- Simulation
  - Fixed invalid speed when approaching stop for carFollowModel IDM.
  - Fixed pedestrian collision and jamming
  - Fixed bug where taxi fails to drop off customer.
  - Fixed invalid emissions for decelerating / standing vehicles for HBEFA models
  - inductionLoop near lane end no longer miscounts pedestrians.
  - Fixed invalid depart and arrival position for persons after taxi ride
  - Fixed errors when using departSpeed="avg" or departSpeed="last".
  - Fixed emergency breaking on approach to junction.
  - Lane-specific speed limits now influence lane-changing decisions.
  - Fixed bug where vehicles would enter lanes that are separated from a required lane by a forbidden lane.
  - Fixed collision and other issues related to opposite direction driving.
  - Fixed various crashes related to mis-configured NEMA controllers

- netedit
  - Fixed crash when loading a network (on very slow computers / builds). (regression in 1.9.0)
  - Greatly increased rendering speed. (regression in 1.11.0)
  - Fixed crash when drawing tazRelations. (regression in 1.11.0)
  - Loaded named routes are now visible again. (regression in 1.12.0)
  - Setting allow/disallow in create-edge frame is now working again. (regression in 1.12.0)
  - Fixed incomplete demand output when defining a <flow> and a <pedestrianFlow> with the same id.
  - Fixed various issues related to containers
  - Loading and saving a selection is now working for all data elements.
  - Fixed inconsistent traffic light settings when removing node from a joined traffic light by changing its type.

- sumo-gui
  - Background images (decals) and multi-view settings are now restored on reload. (regression in 1.13.0)
  - Fixed crash when drawing persons that enter a vehicle.
  - Detectors are no longer drawn on top of traffic light signals and right-of-way indicators.
  - Fixed many issues related to the 3D View

- netconvert
  - Fixed invalid reduction in edge shape detail at very dense geometry. (regression 1.12.0)
  - Fixed crash when loading OpenDRIVE road object validity record.
  - Fixed missing tram connections at sharper turns on large junctions.
  - Fixed generation of invalid pedestrian crossings.
  - Fixed invalid right-of-way rules when using custom contPos at connections from a side road.

- TraCI / libsumo
  - Function vehicle.setAcceleration now supports negative values.
  - Fixed invalid taxi state after re-dispatch (causing early taxi removal).
  - Fixed invalid mapping with vehicle.moveToXY onto intersections with parallel internal edges.
  - Function 'traci.vehicle.rerouteTraveltime' now behaves the same in traci and libsumo in all cases. Previously, the argument currentTravelTimes was ignored by libsumo. The behavior in traci changed slightly: instead of using the current edge speeds and updating them for all vehicles, it now uses the aggregated routing mode (which also reacts to current speeds).
  - Function traci.person.moveTo is now working (for pedestrians).

=== Miscellaneous ===

- Outputs now use attribute period instead of freq whenever denoting a time period.
- Updated default bicycle speed on highway.path and highway.cycleway.
- Fuel consumption is now given in mg/s instead of ml/s to achieve consistency across liquid an gaseous fuels. For backward compatibility, the option --emissions.volumetric-fuel may be set.
- The default parameters of the battery model have been changed to that of a KIA Soul EV (formerly the parameters were for a large electric bus). Issue #10883

Have fun with the new release,
Jakob, Robert, Melanie, Johannes, Michael, Yun-Pang, Angelo, Pablo, Mirko and Benjamin

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