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[sumo-announce] SUMO 1.12.0 released

Dear friends and users,
we are happy to announce the release of SUMO version 1.12.0.
The download links are at

This release brings you exciting changes for the simulation of traffic lights as well as many new features to simulate cruising for parking.
It also fixes a regression in intermodal network building and therefore come a bit ahead of schedule.
Even though the list below is long, it only contains a subset of all changes.
For the full list, as always see

=== Enhancements ===

- Simulation
  - Traffic lights of type 'actuated' and 'delay_based' now support attributes 'earliestEnd', 'latestEnd' and param 'cycleTime' to configure coordination.
  - Traffic lights of type 'actuated' now support custom logical conditions for switching.
  - Many new parameters for traffic light type 'NEMA' to support different operating modes
  - Parking search now permits opportunistic parking along the way and configurable "intuition" about target occupancy.
  - Persons are now included in saved simulation state when setting option --save-state.transportables.
  - Vehicle attribute departSpeed now supports the values 'last' and 'avg' (both support higher insertion flows than alternative values).

- sumo-gui
  - Many enhancements to the traffic light "Track Phases" window. Among other things, it can now show the state of detectors and switching conditions.
  - Parameter tracker window supports multiple plots and shows the values at the cursor
  - Additional parking search visualization for vehicles and roads
  - Vehicle size can now be scaled by attribute.
  - All text setting now have the checkbox "only for selected" to display text selectively.

- netedit
  - Trips and flows between junctions (fromJunction, toJunction) are now supported.
  - The name prefixes for all created additional elements can now be configured and their defaults have been shortened.
  - All elements of a side frame can now be collapsed/expanded.
  - Loading and setting of vTypeDistributions is now supported.
  - Lane change prohibitions (changeLeft, changeRight) are now visualized.
  - Selections can now be modified based on object hierarchy (i.e. to selection junctions for all selected edges).
  - Improved visibility for short edges.

- netconvert
  - OSM: import of public transport now supports share_taxi (PUJ) and minibus.
  - OSM: attribute turn:lanes is now used to determine lane-to-lane connections when option --osm.turn-lanes is set.
  - Several improvements to OpenDRIVE import and export

- tools
  - multiple new options to customize parking search
  - Can now generate stationary traffic to fill each parkingArea to a configurable occupancy.
  - Added tool to generate parkingAreas for some or all edges of a network.
  - now supports option --random-depart to randomize departure times.
  - now support option --fringe-junctions to determine the fringe from junction attribute 'fringe'.
  - now supports option --interval to aggregated data by depart time or by arrival time
  - emissionsDrivingCycle now permits loading of electric vehicle params via the new options --vtype and --additional-files.

=== Bugfixes ===

- simulation
  - Fixed bug where persons could enter the wrong vehicle and thereby cause a taxis simulation to crash. (regression in 1.11.0)
  - Fixed various issues with emergency vehicle behavior
  - Fixed various bugs in parking search
  - Fixed varous bugs in taxi simulation
  - Fixed bugs for carFollowModels EIDM and Wiedemann
  - Fixed junction collisions
  - Fixes to opposite direction driving
  - Several bugfixes for traffic light type 'NEMA'

- netedit
  - Fixed bug preventing inspection of tazRelations.
  - Fixed invalid weights of sinks and sources when loading taz from file.
  - Fixed crash on undo after resetting connections.
  - Fixed missing 'end' attribute when converting trip to flow.
  - Routes now longer have a color unless set by the user.
  - Stops can no longer be created on edges that do not belong to the route.
  - When splitting an edge, all routes passing that edge are now adapted.

- sumo-gui
  - Fixed crash when using guiShape "truck/trailer" or "truck/semitrailer" for short vehicles. (regression in 1.11.0)
  - Fixed occasional freezing during person simulation.

- netconvert
  - Fixed invalid network when importing public transport and sidewalks. (regression in 1.10.0)
  - Fixed multiple bugs in OpenDRIVE import (Re-import your networks for improved geometrical accuracy)
  - Fixed unsafe location of internal junctions that were causing collisions in the simulation.
  - Fixed unsafe intersection rules that could cause emergency braking at pedestrian crossing.
  - Fixed invalid connectivity at motorway ramp when importing OSM lane change prohibitions.
  - Options and --tls.ungroup-signals now work for pedestrian crossings.

- meso
  - Fixed invalid stop arrival time in meso.
  - Fixed invalid ride depart time and route length when starting directly after stop.
  - Dynamically modified road permissions (i.e. closingReroute with disallow and closingLaneReroute) are no longer ignored and can now cause jamming.
  - Fixed invalid capacity in intermodal scenario.

- duarouter
  - Fixed invalid route output when using option --remove-loops on routes with multiple loops.
  - Fixed inconsistent railway routing results for stops on consecutive bidi-edges.

- marouter: Fixed wrong begin and end times in marouter output with additive traffic.
- traci: Fixed bug where calling changeSublane with high 'latDist' value, causes exaggerated maneuverDistance.

=== Miscellaneous ===

- SUMO can now be installed from python wheels. This provides up to date release and nightly versions (via for all platforms. #4639
- Added documentation on road capacity and headways.
- Added documentation for signal plan visualization

Have fun with the new release,
Laura, Pablo, Jakob, Robert, Melanie, Johannes, Matthias, Michael, Yun-Pang and Angelo

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