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[sumo-announce] SUMO 1.6.0 released

Dear friends and users,
we are happy to announce the release of SUMO version 1.6.0.
The download links are at

This release brings a new Netedit mode for viewing and editing edge-related
data. It also introduces major enhancements to the tool for building
traffic scenarios from various types of counting data.
There are many more new features and fixes in this release and the most important ones are listed below. For a full list of changes, as always see

=== Enhancements ===

  - Added new 'Data Mode' to edit files with edge and turn-related data ('<edgeData>', '<edgeRelation>').

- Simulation
  - Taxi device now supports ride sharing.
  - Added option --extrapolate-departpos. When this option is set, vehicles with a departure time that lies between simulation steps have their depart position shifted forward to better reflect their position at the actual insertion time. This can greatly reduce depart delay and incrase and insertion flow in high-flow situations.
  - Traffic lights of type 'actuated' and 'delay_based' now support the use of custom detectors
  - Simplified definition of cyclical routes with stops by introducing the new route attributes 'period' and 'repeat'
  - Added option --statistic-output to write various trip statistics in XML format.
  - Trains can now be joined in reverse order (rear part id is kept).
  - edgeData output now includes the new attribute 'laneDensity' which reports the density in vehs per km per lane.
  - edgeData and laneData definitions now support the new attribute 'writeAttributes' which can be used to reduce the list of output attributes to the given list of attribute names.

  - Vehicles can now be colored by 'by stop delay'. This computes the estimated departure delay at the next '<stop>' with an 'until' attribute.
  - Travelled distance (odometer) is now listed in the vehicle parameter dialog.
  - Junction name is now listed in the junction parameter dialog and can optionally by drawn in the view.
  - Lanes that explicitly allow rail and passenger traffic are now highlighted with a distinct color in the default color scheme.
  - Train reversals are now indicated when 'Show Route' is active.
  - Visualization of a vehicles route can now be configured with the menu option 'Draw looped routes' which can be disabled to reduce clutter in looped public transport routes.
  - Edge attribute 'spreadType' now supports value 'roadCenter' which aligns edges with common geometry so that the geometry reflects the middle of the road regardless of differences in lane numbers (causing natural alignment for turning lanes).
  - Added option --default.spreadtype to set the default spread type for edges.
  - Connections now support attribute 'length' to customize the length of internal lanes.
  - Added node attribute 'name' to hold an optional string label.
  - When loading weights from edgeData files, arbitrary attributes can now be used with option --weight-attribute.
  - Added option --weights.priority-factor FLOAT to factor the priority of edges into the routing decision with a configurable weight (edges with higher priority are preferred increasingly when setting this to a higher value).
- TraCI
  - Meso simulation now supports TraCI
  - Added functions 'getFollowSpeed', 'getSecureGap', 'getStopSpeed' for accessing carFollowModel functions to the vehicle domain.
  - Added function 'traci.vehicle.getStopDelay' to retrieve the estimated delay at the next (public transport) stop.

- Tools
  - added osmWebWizard option to import a simplified network that is only for cars.
  - added new tool to convert sumo networks to KML
  - improvements
    - optimization by linear programming using option --optimize
    - direct optimization of route input (without resampling) by setting option --optimize-input
    - loading multiple data intervals. Data aggregation can be customized using options --begin, --end, --interval
    - generalized edgeRelations (non-consecutive or with explicit via-edges)
    - loading origin-destination relations with the new option --od-files.
    - various output styles: routeIDs, routeDistribution and flows

=== Bugfixes ===

  - Fixed negative depart delay. Vehicles with a sub-step-length depart time now depart in the subsequent step.
  - Fixed various sublane model bugs
  - Fixed invalid right-of-way at traffic light junctions with right-turn-on-red rules.
  - Stopping duration no longer exceeds the planned duration/until time by one simulation step.
  - Fixed extremely low speed of W99 model when approaching intersections and stops.
  - Fixed crash after rerouting.
  - Fixed invalid 'density' and 'occupancy' values (too high) in edgeData output.
  - Fixed bug that was causing cooperative speed adjustments to fail.
  - Various railway fixes related to train reversal, train speed and joining trains
  - Various fixes to OpenDRIVE import
A big thanks to all contributors!

Have fun with the new release,
Robert, Melanie, Johannes, Matthias, Michael, Yun-Pang, Angelo, Laura, Pablo and Jakob

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