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[sumo-announce] SUMO 1.3.0 released

Dear friends and users,
we are happy to announce the release of SUMO version 1.3.0.
The download links are at

This release continues to improve Visual-demand-editing capabilities.
It also brings several improvements in regard to railway simulation.
There are many more new features and fixes in this release and the most important ones are listed below.
For a full list of changes, as always see

- Many Enhancements to demand editing
  - Added support for persons
  - Added support for flows with incomplete route
- When setting tltype to ''actuated'', minDir and maxDur will be added automatically

- Added new visualization presets ''selection'' (coloring everything according to selection status) and ''rail'' (analyze rail networks by showing allowed driving directions for all tracks and highlighting rail signals when zoomed out).
- Added visualization option for drawing an edge color legend.
- Vehicles and persons can now be removed via right-click menu (''remove'').
- All Vehicle and person parameters that change during the simulation are now updated in any open parameter window. (previously string parameters were always static).

- Added junction model parameter ''jmDriveAfterYellowTime'' to configure driving at yellow behavior.
- calibrators now accept attribute ''vTypes'' to restrict their application (insertion/removal) to selected vehicle types.
- Pedestrians now switch to ''jam resolving'' behavior earlier when jammed on a pedestrian crossing. The time threshold can be configured with the new option --pedestrian.striping.jamtime.crossing  (default 10s)
- Added lane-change model parameter ''lcOvertakeRight'' to model violation of rules against overtaking on the right side.
- Added new departSpeed values ''desired'' and ''speedLimit''
- Added new carFollowModel ''W99'' which is a 10-Parameter version of the Wiedemann model.

- Improved import of rail networks from OSM (high-speed-rail, track numbers,
  main/branch-usage, electrification)
- Added experimental multi-language support for VISUM import using the new option --visum.language-file and language mapping files.
- Added option --junctions.right-before-left.speed-threshold  to influence the heuristic for guessing junction type (priority/right-before-left) from edge speeds.
- Added options for generating bicycle lanes. These options work the same as the corresponding sidewalk options and can also be used with NETGENERATE.

- Importing railway entities from OSM is now supported (osmPolyconvertRail.typ.xml)
- Shapefile import now supports typemaps and also image files in type maps.

- Added functions ''simulation.getBusStopWaitingIDList''
- Added function ''getPersonCapacity'' to vehicle and vehicletype domains.
- Added function ''vehicle.highlight'' to add transient vehicle coloring
- Added functions ''person.appendStage'' and ''person.replaceStage'' which
  allows passing a stage object directly to modify a person plan

- All applications can now read and write gzipped files by using a .gz file
  suffix (except for configurations).

- Fixed invalid default parameters for the electrical vehicle model that were causing too high energy consumption.
- Fixed deadlock on controlled intersection with pedestrian crossing.  (regression in 1.1.0)
- Several fixes for invalid emergency braking
- Rail signals ahead of uncontrolled switches now properly take the vehicle route into account (this was causing invalid red states previously).  
- Several bugfixes related to opposite-direction driving.
- Several bugfixes related to parkingArea behavior.
- Fixed invalid edgeData and tripinfo output in the mesoscopic model when vehicles are completely jammed.
- FullOutput now returns all speeds as m/s
- Fixed detector placement at actuated traffic lights

- Fixed invalid vehicle angle when using the sublane model in lefthand-networks.
- Fixed 3D-View rotation when holding middle-mouse button.

- Several fixes in regard to OpenDRIVE import
- Zipper junctions with multiple incoming edges are now supported.

- Several fixes for demand mode
- Controlled pedestrian crossings at a ''rail_crossing'' nodes are no longer lost when saving the network with netedit.  (regression in 1.0.0)

 TraCI / Libsumo
- Fixed crash when using parallel rerouting with TraCI.
- Several fixes to TraaS client
- Libsumo now supports getAllSubscriptionResults
- Traffic lights for junction types ''rail_signal'' and ''rail_crossing'' can now be switched off with ''trafficlight.setProgram("off")'' and remote-controlled with ''trafficlight.setRedYellowGreenState''.

===TraCI API changes===
- TraCI does '''not''' execute another step when close() is called. Please recheck your scripts, they might finish one step earlier than before.
- Function ''person.getStage'' now returns a TraCIStage object instead of an integer denoting the stage type.
- Function ''vehicle.getNextStops'' now includes the current stop if the vehicle is stopped. This case can be distinguished by the first bit ('reached').

Have fun with the new release,
Laura, Pablo, Jakob, Robert, Melanie, Johannes, Matthias, Michael, Yun-Pang and Angelo

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