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[sumo-announce] version 1.1.0 released

Dear friends and users,
we are glad to announce the release of SUMO version 1.1.0.
The download links are at
We took the first step towards visual demand editing by
adding support for Traffic Analysis Zones to NETEDIT and also improving corresponding visualization in SUMO-GUI. On the simulation side, we added new warnings for strong vehicle deceleration and consequently fixed several issues related to invalid braking. Also, we have a new logo!
There are many more new features and fixes in this release and the most important ones are listed below.
For a full list of changes, as always see

We're looking forward to meet you and hear about your projects at the next user conference in May 2019 in Berlin (

--- Enhancements ---

- The simulation now runs about 15% faster compared to the previous release
- Added warning messages for vehicles that perform emergency braking. The warning threshold can be configured with the new option --emergencydecel.warning-threshold <FLOAT>. The given threshold is compared against the severity of the event (braking with emergencyDecel corresponds to 1 and braking with decel corresponds to 0). By default the threshold is set to 1.
- Trains can now reverse direction anywhere on a bidirectional track.
- ParkingAreas now support the attribute onRoad. If set to true, vehcles will park on the road lane, thereby reducing road capacity.
- The eagerness for opposite-direction overtaking can now be configured with the new vType attribute lcOpposite (range [0,inf[).

- The numerical value for coloring edges/lanes, vehicles and persons (e.g. speed limit, acceleration, waitingTime) can now optionally be shown. When this option is set, the value will also be printed in the object tool tip. Likewise, the numerical value for coloring vehicles (e.g. acceleration) can optionally be shown.
- The text background color for IDs and object descriptions can now be configured.
- Can now color streets according to custom lane or edge parameters.
- TAZ now support attribute color for rendering the associated shape. This color can also be used in the new edge coloring mode color by TAZ.
- Breakpoints can now be set via option --breakpoints <TIME>,<TIME>...
- Added visualization option to apply size exaggeration only to selected objects.

- New editing mode for TAZ (Traffic Analysis Zones).
- Overlapping objects can now be inspected via consecutive clicks on the same location.
- Shift-click can now be used to inspect, select and delete lanes.
- LaneAreaDetectors (E2) that span multiple consecutive lanes can now be created within NETEDIT.
- POIs can now be created from geo-coordinates in the clipboard (e.g. from online map sites) with a single click.

- Added options --perturb-x, --perturb-y, --perturb-z to add random perturbations to all node coordinates. Perturbations can be specified as mean or capped normal distribution normc(a,b,c,d).

- Added option --tls.layout <STRING> for selecting between layouts that group opposite directions ('opposites') and layouts that have one phase per incoming edge ('incoming').
- Added option --tls.guess.threshold <FLOAT> to control the heuristic for guessing traffic lights. A traffic light is guessed if the sum of speeds of all incoming lanes exceeds the threshold value.
- Added new node attribute rightOfWay to configure the algorithm for computing right-of-way rules (allowed values are default, edgePriority). Also added new option --default.right-of-way to set this value for all nodes in a network.
- Importing internal lane shapes from OpenDRIVE is now supported using option --opendrive.internal-shapes.

- checks lane-based reachability and handles pedestrian infrastructure.
- can now be used to generate intersection flow diagrams.
- now supports comparing <personinfos> by setting option --persons.

- Context Subscriptions can now be equipped with filters acting on the server side.
- TraCI now offers the method openGap() for temporary changes of the vehicle's desired headway.

--- Bugfixes ---

- Fixed multiple bugs that were causing unnecessarily strong deceleration.
- Fixed Bug where vehicles would stop moving after changing to the opposite direction lane.
- Fixed parkingAreaReroute to a destination which is too close for stopping.
- Fixed crash when using carFollowModel ACC on multi-lane roads. (regression in 1.0.1)
- Fixed invalid halting count in E3 detector output
- Fixed invalid upper bound on density in edgeData-output for multi-lane edges.
- Fixed crashes related to vehicles that lane-change multiple times on the E3-detector entry edge.
- Fixed deadlock caused by long vehicles being unable to re-enter traffic after parking in a short parkingArea.
- Fixed bug where vehicles from minor roads would drive onto the intersection to aggressively.
- Fixed bug where pedestrians would ignore prioritized vehicles when walking onto a crossing.

- Fixed bug that was causing invalid road geometry when using high-resolution input data at dense junction clusters.
- Fixed bug when building networks for opposite-direction overtaking that was causing collisions in the simulation.
- Fixed invalid right-of-way rules in left-hand networks.
- Option --tls.guess no longer builds traffic lights at almost every intersection. The default lane-speed-sum threshold (Option --tls.guess.threshold) was changed from 150km/h to 250km/h.
- Fixed unnecessary right-of-way restrictions in some cases where incoming edges target distinct lanes on the target edge.
- Fixed bugs that could cause loss of elevation information.
- Fixed permissions on internal lanes after internal junctions.

- Menu option Load Foreign can now be used to import OSM files directly.
- Fixed bug where right-of-way mode would show invalid properties.
- Fixed modifying elevation in Move-mode (regression in 1.0.0).

- traci.vehicle.getLaneChangeState now returns correct information while controlling the vehicle with moveToXY.
- Fixed bug where lateral collisions from unsafe calls to vehicle.changeSublane are prevented despite disabling safeguards via setLaneChangeMode.

If you've read this far we also wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year (-:

Have fun with the new release,
Michael, Yun-Pang, Laura, Leo, Pablo, Jakob, Robert, Melanie, Johannes and Matthias

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