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[sumo-announce] Version 1.0.1 released

Dear friends and users,
we are pleased to announce the release of SUMO version 1.0.1.
The download links are at
This is a hotfix release for 1.0.0, mainly to fix a regression in parallel routing but there are other fixes and some enhancements as well.
To most important changes are given below. For a full list of changes, see

--- Bugfixes ---

- Fixed deadlock on parallel routing (regression in 1.0.0)
- Fixed bugs related to opposite-direction overtaking that were causing collisions and other invalid behavior
- Fixed crash when using sublane model with varying lane widths.
- Fixed hard braking after lane-changing when using carFollowModel IDM Issue
- Fixed exaggerated gap between standing vehicles when usingĀ  carFollowModel IDM.
- Fixed invalid cooperative lane-changing attempts.
- Fixed invald speed adaptation for lane changing

--- Enhancements ---

- The collision-detection threshold configured via option --collision.mingap-factor can now be customized separately for each vType using attribute collisionMinGapFactor. vTypes with carFollowModel=IDM use a default of 0.5 to account for imprecision in the model
- Increased running speed of simulations with device.rerouting using few vehicles in a large network.
- When editing junction shapes in NETEDIT, vertices can now be removed by shift-click.
- added method 'traci.edge.getStreetName
- method simulation.getParameter can now be used to retrieve stopping place names. Issue #4558

Have fun with the new release,
Michael, Yun-Pang, Laura, Leo, Pablo, Jakob, Robert, Melanie, Johannes and Matthias

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