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[subversive-dev] Project Lead election for Nicolas Peifer on Eclipse Subversive SVN Team Provider

A project lead election for Nicolas Peifer on project Eclipse Subversive SVN
Team Provider (technology.subversive) was started by Nicolas Peifer with this

Because the former project lead retired, we need a new one or two.

Nicolas' ambitions:
- Main goal: Make Subversive compatible with the most recent Eclipse release
and make it available through the Marketplace again
- Integrate the project to Eclipse's infrastructure (Git, Jenkins etc.) as
much as possible
- Bugfixing: Fix bugs which we or others encounter
- Fix broken links on the Subversive homepage and keep the site up to date
(e. g. provide information about the latest release and a roadmap of the
ongoing development)
- Keep an eye on the mailing lists and bug reports and try to help users or
- Provide sufficient information on the project's homepage about how to
contribute code to the project
- Encourage people to contribute code when no one can tackle an issue (i. e.
bug report or feature request) in a timely manner

Responsibilites as project lead:

Eclipse Subversive SVN Team Provider project committers can click the
election link below to vote.



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