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[subversive-dev] eclipse becomes unusable using this plugin

Hi guys,

I have got almost 50 projects in an eclipse workspace and it is really amazing how this plugin sometimes permit  to spare time, but the contribution is to lose some time in other classic tasks.

Here are some "benchs", bringing out bottlenecks using this plugin we would like to remove.

1/ Checking out projects.

a/ Checking out projects within eclipse will take more than 10mn. not efficient.

b/efficient way.

checking out from svn cmdline

and then importing whole existing projects within eclipse ====> 1mn . !

Efficient, but users are not fond of cmdline.

2/ Generally

For some reasons we don't understand, this plugin takes most of it time updating some kind of caches or whatever task we don't know, and meanwhile eclipse is unusable.

Have you got some valuable reasons to these problems ? Are you aware of these problems ?

Have you got solutions ?



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