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Re: [subversive-dev] Subversive Plugin: Compatibility issue


The issue seems to be about outdated page on Polarion site?
There is a simpler way to install connectors: please go to plug-in preferences at Window->Preferences->Team->SVN and on the SVN Connectors tab there would be a button, that allows you to install connectors that are compatible with your plug-in version (in case you do not have connectors installed yet).

Best regards,
Subversive Team,
Alexander Gurov.

02.11.2016 13:57, Dragnea, Cristian (Allianz Deutschland, externer Mitarbeiter) пишет:

Hello everybody,


I want to install Eclipse with an SVN Plugin round here, and I’ve didn’t found any information about the compatibility of the Subversive SVN 4.0.2 with the Subversive Connectors (provided by Polarion). It seems that the Subversive Connectors Plugin is compatible only with Version 3.x from Subversive SVN.


The newest version of the Subversive SVN plugin, which isn’t compatible with the Subversive Connectors, doesn’t make sense, since Subversive SVN cannot work without the Subversive Connectors Plugin, or am I wrong?


The question is: is there any plan for a new Subversive Connectors Plugin which is compatible with Subversive SVN 4.0.2? Can you tell me when the new version of the Subversive Connectors Plugin will be released?

If there is no plan for new releases do you know any alternative SVN connectors? J


Thank you!


Best regards,


Cristian Dragnea

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Alexander Gurov,
Subversive Team.

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