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[subversive-dev] Compare with another branch shows files with no difference


The problem is already described for SVNKit 1.7 in bug report [326694]
which is still unresolved.
I can still reproduce the issue with SVNKit 1.8 and subversive 4.x from
/trunk but maybe the cause is different. That's why I did not add a
comment to the bug report and prefer to talk about it in ML.

The issue happens for example when a file in the branch has been
modified multiple times but ends up being identical to its equivalent
from /trunk.
Then when you compare the local copy (coming from /trunk) with that
branch, the file will be listed in the compare editor and
double-clicking it shows no differences.

While debugging in CompareResourcesInternalOperation#fetchStatuses18(),
I replaced proxy.diffStatusTwo() with proxy.diffTwo() in order to print
the result to stdout and I got no false differences.
At first I suspected an incorrect behaviour of diffStatusTwo(), but I'm
not sure of that.
Maybe diffStatusTwo() can be passed some appropriate "Options" to make
it ignore files without real differences.
Maybe we can ignore those files inside the code of the callback.
Maybe we can remove those extra files in a second pass (the solution I
have implemented for our customer but it is an expensive process,
making the comparison very slow).

Can you help on this?


Florent Angebault

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