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Re: [subversive-dev] Some more bugs with "compare with branch"


As you suggested earlier ([1]) a good solution to those issues could be
to simplify the code by comparing the resources specified directly with
2-way comparision instead of 3-way comparison.

I'm currently trying to implement this by myself and I couldn't find any
working solution yet.
It seems that the whole subversive comparison API is designed to
manipulate only remote resources. Modifying the API to allow
manipulating local resources as well seems a huge refactoring hell.

Have you already investigated in that direction?


Le 2016-03-06 07:50, Alexander Gurov a écrit :
> Hi,
> Thank you very much. I'll check everything and see what could and
> should be done.
> Best regards,
> Alexander Gurov,
> Subversive Team.
> 25.02.2016 15:34, Florent Angebault пишет:
>> Hi,
>> starting with subversive 3.0.4, we encountered a few bugs and glitches
>> that seem to come from the fix for bug [484929] (Weird behavior of the
>> "Compare with branch" feature).
>> Even though each of these problems should be declared as separate bug
>> reports I guess it would be interesting to have them all described 
>> here
>> since they will probably be fixed all at once.
>> The attached file svnrepo.tar.gz is a sample svn repository that I use
>> to describe some of the use cases below.
>> All the tests were made with Eclipse Mars, SVNKit connector 1.8, under
>> linux (and sometimes under Windows when specified).
>> 1. compare with branch lists files with no actual differences
>> This is already described in bug [326694].
>> To reproduce this, checkout the trunk from the attached svnrepo and 
>> use
>> compare with branch -> 'mybranch'.
>> You'll see the file listed and when you double-click on it, 
>> no
>> differences are shown.
>> I wrote a dirty patch for subversive-2.0.4 (see attached file
>> remove-false-diffs-from-compare-view.patch).
>> 2. new local files are not listed
>> Before 3.0.4, comparing with a branch would list new local files in
>> compare editor.
>> This is not true anymore.
>> To reproduce this, create a new file, for instance src/
>> Then compare with branch "mybranch" once again and you won't see the 
>> new
>> file listed in compare editor.
>> Adding the new file to version control solves the problem and is
>> actually the behavior of the svn command line client (which I consider
>> as a reference).
>> But I'm afraid users will consider this is a regression however.
>> 3. changes with wrong direction
>> As said in a previous discussion ([msg00269] and [msg00273]) the patch
>> is not perfect because we loose the information concerning the
>> "direction" of changes.
>> Is there a way to improve this?
>> I think it really needs to be fixed because it can be really 
>> confusing.
>> 4. a file existing in branch but not in trunk
>> A file existing in branch but not in trunk is listed as outgoing 
>> deletion.
>> Then double-clicking it throws popup with this message:
>>      Get content for '' failed.
>>      svn: E200005: '/tmp/eclipse/ws/fakeproject/src/' is not
>> under version control
>> 5. NPE on windows
>> This is the bug already reported as [SVNKIT-646].
>> I recently attached a patch to the bug report (I forgot to create an
>> account before posting therefore my comment was posted as user Guest).
>> I'm happy to help on these topics.
>> Actually I already created some patches for our customers using
>> subversive 2.0.4 as you can see.
>> But I'm not 100% confident on these patches because Eclipse is a big
>> piece of software and I'm still new to plugin development.
>> [326694]:
>> [484929]:
>> [msg00269]:
>> [msg00273]:
>> [SVNKIT-646]:

Florent Angebault
Linagora - OSSA

Florent Angebault
Linagora - Support OSSA

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