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[subversive-dev] Would like to submit PKCS11 smartcard support patch

I work for DoD and we are required to use X509 certificates on smartcards (aka CAC, Common Access Card).  There is support for this on Windows using MSCAPI functionality in the base team provider UI and the Polarion svn connector using SVNKIT but nothing for Linux desktop users.

I added support for this using the Sun PKCS11 security provider (leveraging coolkey) based on the MSCAPI code.  It involved changes to the base ui code and the SVNKIT code in the Polarion svn connector SVNKIT code, about 8 or 9 classes in all across both plugin jars.

I'd like to submit this code as a patch and get it added to the base as it would be useful for DoD users who have to connect to smartcard-protected repositories.  

Would there be interest and how would I go about it.  I read about filling out the CLA for Eclipse but haven't tracked it down yet.  Since there are changes that need to be made on both the Eclipse code and the SVNKIT code, will there be two separate patch/submission/approval processes?  They would not need to be coordinated as there are no interdependencies but it would not work of course until all the code was commited.

Thanks in advance for your time.

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