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Re: [subversive-dev] Specification of IPv6(Native)

Dear Hirotsugu Okabayashi,

I checked this topic and found that Subversive doesn't allow to use IPv6 addresses as the host name in a repository's URL. So, there is a bug report for this issue:

The fix for this issue will definitely be included into the Luna simultaneous release build.

Also there are some JVM properties that may be required to be set in order to allow IPv6 usage:

especially the​v6Addresses=true

Otherwise I guess it should work fine, since Java provides support for IPv6.

Best regards,
Alexander Gurov,
Subversive Team.

27.09.2013 11:45, Okabayashi, Hirotsugu пишет:
Dear Developers,

Do you have any plans to adapt Subversive to communicate with Native-IPv6 ?
Now, Subversive can communicate with IPv6 via NAT64.(Client-NAT64 is IPv6 and NAT64-Server is IPv4) But Subversive can't communicate with Native-IPv6.
Sony will expand IPv6 environment. So, we want to know your IPv6's plans.


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Global Application Delivery Division
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Hirotsugu Okabayashi
Tel: 03-5479-6566(ext: 9-337-6566)

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Best regards,
Alexander Gurov,
Subversive Team.

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