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Re: [subversive-defects] Incoming mode does not work

Hi Burilo,
Thanks for help.
I uninstalled all I found with SVN. Then updated Ganymede and Eclipse Project. Now the Synchronize view works and is sufficient for what I need.


On Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 3:34 AM, Igor V. Burilo <igor.burilo@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello Jan,
I think that you mixed up Subversive and Subclipse: Subversive doesn't have revision graph and Subversion Client Adapter, these ara Subclipse items.

Best regards,
Burilo Igor


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Subject: [subversive-defects] Incoming mode does not work

It seems that I cannot sync the data in Incoming mode without having commit credentials?
Initial download when project is created works but later updates do nothing.

It would be nice if the e.g. Synchronize tab in Java perspective would say:"Incoming mode does not work because" instead "change to Outgoing mode"...

I downloaded revision 2661 from

Now there is 2993 and I hopelessly keep trying the "Team -> Update".

I am confused about revisions. In SVN perspective the browser shows 2661 - despite the leaf is clearly labeled http://... and it reads from the server.

Back in Java perspective under project properties -> Subversion. The Subversion overview seems OK. The revision is 2993 and Last Changed Revision is 2661

My Eclipse version:

Subversion Client Adapter 1.5.3
Subversion JavaHL
Subversion Revision Graph 1.0.7
SVN Team Provider Core 1.4.8

Eclise SDK
Version: 3.4.2
Build id: M20090211-1700

An explanation is highly appreciated.
Thank you.

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