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[subversive-defects] User locked by Subversive


we have a problem with Subversive (V0.7.8.I20090506-1500) in Eclipse (V3.4.x / Ganymede). (Same problem with older versions in Eclipse 3.2)

Authorization for our Subversion-repositories is realized by LDAP-Server. So I can use the same User/Password for multiple systems, which is basically a good idea. But I have to save my password in Subversive because otherwise it asks a hundred times when synchronizing the repository.

And that leads to the following problem: Subversive does not recognize when the password has expired! It obviously tries to connect multiple times with the "old" password. So the user gets locked out and the password must be reset. We have that situation multiple times a week in our team. There is no chance to see that the password has expired! I would have expected that Subversive asks for the new password when the first connection attempt failed ...

How can it be handled with Subversive?


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