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[subversive-defects] subversive keeps re-sending username + password until being blocked


I'm using eclipse Ganymede, Subversive 0.7.1.I20080612-1500 and SVNKit 1.1.7 to connect and use a SVN-repo with the svn+ssh:// syntax. Passwords are in use, but are not saved.

If I type a password and make a mistake, the wrong password is send to the server, which sends an error message to Subversive. But Subversive seems to ignore this message and keeps sending the wrong password.
As a result, I get blocked from the server, as I entered a wrong password too often.

How can I change that? Or is it a defect, that nobody has thought of.... users make mistakes when entering passwords?
This problem has occurred in earlier versions as well.

Thanks for your comments.

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