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[stp-user] Retirement of inactive components in STP

As you may know, STP has a diverse set of components that
have each delivered value to an overall suite of capabilities.

Each component has had a different activity profile. Some
components continue to be active and some others just taper
off. There's many reasons for it, but what it comes down
to is that we need to make a decision on what to do with
inactive code. We can't go on receiving bug reports if
the code is not going to be fixed, and if no-one takes
this on, then the code is not going to be consumable.

Right now I'm looking at two projects that seem to be
in this category.


This code was originally contributed by Sybase a couple
of years back and implements a flexible deployment
system for artifacts. Unfortunately, Sybase has withdrawn
from the project and there is no-one to replace them
in maintaining this code.

2) STP ServiceCreation (SC)

This code was contributed by IONA at the start of the
project, and it was worked on to provide support for
JAXWS-based web services. One persistent criticism of
this project was that it didn't live in the WebTools
project, where Web Services development tools are
hosted. People found this confusing, and consumers
of WTP didn't think it would be necessary to consume
another project.

In response, we at IONA have decided to halt work on
the existing Service Creation code in STP, and instead
contribute fresh work, based on the WTP frameworks to
the WTP Incubator. See the bugzilla[0] for the proposal
and the code.

The following has been agreed by the STP PMC:

Retired components will be moved to a special archived
area that will not be part of our regular builds. All
bugs reported against archived components will be closed
as WONTFIX. Website pages and wiki pages will be moved
to special archival areas in each medium.

When will this happen?  The foundation are looking to
restructure SVN repositories to help with streamlining
infrastructural procedures, and the retirement will take
place at the time of restructuring.

I'll send out SVN repository restructuring details for
discussion to these lists.

best regards
 Oisin Hurley, STP PMC Lead


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