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[stp-dev] JWT and STP - Use cases and vision, new features

Hi all

I've worked on summarizing what has been said at the Eclipse Summit, starting with the first most interesting, low-entry use case and up to the diagram of the vision some of you have seen there. Please take a look at .

I'd especially like to have feedback from STP experts on the following quoted part :

     Import / Export SOA

The previous use cases rely on STP-IM-managed service definitions. In order to make it as painless as possible the first step of getting its existing service definitions in STP-IM, users should be able to import service definitions from the simplest kind of service definitions (a set of WSDL files, of SCA files, of URLs, or even of Java interfaces...). That can be thought of as migration or wizards stuff and would be useful to both STP and JWT tools, and vice versa : Export SOA as well. Question to STP : does it exist already ?

Further, the need appears to centralize / unify the use of STP-IM across tools. This culminates in the idea of an STP-IM builder. But before even getting there, it would be nice not to have to select in each tool which STP-IM model is in use to synchronize the tools in use. That could be done by configuring one (or more ?) STP-IM model(s) in use in a common STP-IM Preferences pages.

Do you agree it is useful ? Does STP have it already ? We at JWT could do work on both parts...

NB. please reply to both mailing lists

Marc Dutoo
JWT Project co-lead

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