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Re: [stp-dev] Update wiki page to link to latest Tuscany runtime?

A quick look at the web server logs shows between 70 and 100 referrals per month for the link you just fixed.

Neat! ;)

Just found another outdated link on your "Install and run the snapshot build" wiki page [4]. I'm not sure yet how many referrals we're getting from that other link, but would you mind fixing that one too?

Done. The wiki will be getting a makeover and an update next week
as we enter STP Usability Week. All the old stuff will be updated.

I'll let you know if I find more links :)

Tell you what - since it's a wiki, you can just log in and change
them ;-)

Thanks for the update Jean-Sebastien!

 best regards

IONA Technologies PLC (registered in Ireland)
Registered Number: 171387
Registered Address: The IONA Building, Shelbourne Road, Dublin 4, Ireland

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