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[stp-dev] Capability to edit policies of multiple entities at once

Hi all,

As discussed yesterday on the conference call re Policy Editors, this mail outlines the functionality of the MultiXMLProvider (part of the XEF policy editor) which was designed for the case where possibly multiple entities in a UI are selected and the policies of all of these need to be edited in one edit session.

The MultiXMLProvider takes the intersection of all the policy assertions in all the XMLProviders (i.e. things being edited) and passes them to the XEF policy editor. When the policy editor saves, the changes are merged back into the respective entities.

For more details on how this works, take a look at:
Esp. testThreeProviders1(), testThreeProviders1() and testThreeProviders1() in this class show how this behaves when applied to 3 entities which have some shared elements but also some non-shared ones.



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