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Re: [stp-dev] regarding the SOAS framework...

Hi Rob,

Besides directly adding action and launch extension, I think another option is to reuse the server runtime framework in WTP. That means SOAS logical/physical package and package constructor + WTP server runtime framework.

I have used the WTP framework to deploy Celtix plugin to Tomcat container before. Now i am doing some
experimental work on how to do the same thing using SOAS.
Then we will get better picture of how everything works and what is the difference between two frameworks.



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Subject: Re: [stp-dev] regarding the SOAS framework...

Hi Johnson,

Two more points regarding the SOAS framework:

1. One missing feature for SOAS is the interface to control the
server runtime, just like the launch interface in WTP server
There is currently an open BZ entry in the DTP connectivity project for
this feature.  As an FYI, you could contribute this functionality directly
by providing the action and a launch extension.

2. It will be better if the deploy editor is more flexible. I like
the way Eclipse plugin editors does. It shows all information about
the plugin (Overview, Dependency, Extenstions...etc) in one editor
with multi pages. For STP case, hope we can show all information
about the current developing component in one editor view,
including: webservice, assemble, deploy, sca.module...etc

Agreed.  However, keep in mind, the original purpose of the deployment
editor was to facilitate the deployment of heterogeneous applications in a
repeatable manner.  It was not intended as an SCA specific deployment

A nice enhancement would be to allow the editor to automatically include
dependent packages.  It would also be nice if there were a mechanism that
would allow packages to communicate information between each other within
some sort of context.  In an SCA context, it would be nice to allow the
user to wire an external service and have the binding information populated automatically based on the deployment of the external service (assuming the
external service's implementation is also being deployed from the same

Thanks for the feedback,

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