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AW: Re: [stp-dev] Automated builds not completing - Failuresinstp-core-tests

3.3 M1 has a bug in ppc based libraries. We ran into this bug in WTP and had to create a modified version to overcome. 

See bug: 

>I just rolled it forward to the latest stream stable build on 3.3, given 
>that we'll have to ship on it. I can roll back to the 3.2 release if we 
>feel it's better.
>Oisin Hurley wrote:
>> Thanks Adrian for checking this out.
>>>  Eclipse SDK v3.3 M1
>>>  EMF XSD SDO sdk bundle v2.2.0
>>>  WST JST sdk v1.5.1 200608171632
>>>  GEF sdk v3.2 v3.2 RC6
>>>  Eclipse test framework v3.3 M1
>> Just wondering - is there something in the 3.2 release that
>> causes trouble such that we need 3.3M1?
>>> So this gets us through the compilation of the b2j component, but 
>>> we're taking failures in the stp-core-tests component as outlined below.
>> Maybe Devang or Dan could check this out!
>>  cheers
>>   --oh
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