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[stp-dev] SC subproject issues

I have several issues with this subproject first of which is the need for the subproject.  It is not very clear at all and has a great deal of overlap with what is already defined in the core subproject.

However my biggest problem is with the exemplar contribution.  Why in the world would we choose to use Celtix as the exemplar implementation?  First of all Celtix is a specific runtime technology and is not a simple implementation type.  Second we should be using standards for our exemplar.  In the core subproject we are planning to contribute the Java implementation as the exemplar.  That seems much more reasonable than Celtix.  If you want a more complex implementation type we could look at Java EE 5.  I think having Celtix integrated in this framework is fine but not as the exemplar.

Anyone else have an opinion?


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