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RE: [stp-dev] Proposed Bottom-Top Workflow

Hi Howard,

We shouldn't be defining new extension points for functionality that already exists in the core subproject.  Please look at the following documentation.

You can get all of the documentation for the core subproject at


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05/25/2006 01:33 PM

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RE: [stp-dev] Proposed Bottom-Top Workflow


It's a nice picture. Can you provide some more details on the Introspect step? Thanks.

Inspired by this model, I sketched another suggestion based on my imagination. I call it Model Centric Service Model because, rather than addressing the whold work flow, it puts its emphasis on the SCA Models. Please see the attached picture. Following is a brief explanation:

1. SCA Modeller: As its name suggests, this is a central unit for SCA services. It manages interface-impl repository and Service contexts and can build up SCA components and modules on user's demand. It can import interface and implements from different "service adapters" through "adapter extension points".

2. Service Adapters: various 3rd parties contributions that provide interfaces and implementations. Some can only provide interfaces (e.g. WSDL service adapter), some may provide both interfaces and implementations.

3. Model accssor: An extension point for Assembler/deployer to access the SCA modules to assemble/deploy to containers.

4. This model first describes a left-right work flow. However, I have a faint feeling that it may work in reverse order.

The nice part is we only need to implement the SCA Modeller and defines the Model accessor and Service adapter extension points. Then various service adapters and assembler/deployers are free to implement and be plugged in.

Just stuff out of my mind, may be totally rubbish. That's why I'm more than willing to share. :)


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Apologies.  Here's a PDF version.

(See attached file: ServiceCreationDeploymentWorkflow.pdf)

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> > Hopefully this document format works for all of you.
> Not for me :)  What format is it? Any chance of a PDF/HTML?
>   cheers
>    --oh
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