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Re: [stp-dev] SOAS Deployment Framework Initial Contribution

Hey Dan,

Sorry for taking so long to respond.

> I assume there is no integration with the core subproject model at this
My guess is that this is correct, but I'm not sure what you mean be the
"core subproject model."

> What is the plan to define the deployment integration of the core
> model elements?
I think the subsystem and module should be identified as logical packages
by the deployment framework.  Package constructors would then be
implemented for each runtime supporting deployment of SCA subsystems and

> Also I never saw a resolution for the concerns regarding the WTP
> server tooling.  It sounds like this contribution is still based
> solely on the original idea without any reconciliation with WTP.  Am
> I missing something?
That is correct.  This is the code base Sybase agreed to contribute during
the project creation phase.

I felt it would be difficult to resolve any issues without being able to
look at the code/design representing the proposal agreed upon during
project creation.  Now that the contribution has been made, I think we can
work toward resolving any issues surrounding WTP's server tooling.

Best regards,

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