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Re: [stp-dev] Releasing IBM's initial contribution ofSOA AssemblyFramework to STP .....

STP Team:

This was my oversight. These contributions are the second phase of the original IBM contribution, but were delayed for various reasons. We have one more phase which will include the Java implementation for the SAF and the Introspection Framework. I will ensure that this contributions comes through bugzilla and has the contribution form filled out *before* it is pushed into the repository.

I do have one question though. Each of the contributors of these pieces are already STP committers (as part of the grandfather process). We have a version of this code used in our builds for use internally -- which we will continue to use until STP is producing stable, tested builds with these components. As we make defect fixes or design modifications, we will want to push these changes into the version in the open source to maintain consistency. So how long would the Eclipse Foundation and STP PMC like for us to submit code into the repo via bugzilla? At one point are we considered to be "working in the STP repo" and not "contributing a new bag of code"?

Until STP is produce stable, tested builds, we are trapped in a little "mini-consumeable code limbo". As committers, we do follow all of the due diligence required for contributions to an Eclipse project whether we submit the code through bugzilla or into the repository. We are happy to follow this process -- but it will mean that changes will come down in chunks; rather than just doing all of the development straight out of the repo -- which is our preferred way of operating as good Eclipsitizens.

Kind Regards,

Michael D. Elder
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Oisin Hurley <ohurley@xxxxxxxx>
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04/23/2006 04:24 AM

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Re: [stp-dev] Releasing IBM's initial contribution        ofSOA        AssemblyFramework to STP .....

Thanks for spotting this, I was out of the office on Friday. Lok, I'd  
also like
to remind you that fresh code contributions need to come in through  
the bugzilla
system and not straight into the repository. I've created a bug for  
this [0] and
attached the code. This is the process for future contributions  
unless they have
been explicitly through the EPL establishment previously (i.e. have  
moved from
another Eclipse project).


[0] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=138134
Oisin Hurley
PMC Lead

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