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[stp-dev] CVS Commits

It is great to see more code in CVS. So my sincere apologies to taint such an event for a bit of process and organizational stuff - I will use the *[STP_Project] <> / org.eclipse.stp.core sub project* as an example, but these comments are more general than those.

The STP project is divided in to sub project and each has a root folder in CVS tree:

(dir) org.eclipse.stp.b2j/ <> (dir) org.eclipse.stp.bpmn/ <> (dir) org.eclipse.stp.contrib/ <> (dir) org.eclipse.stp.core/ <> (dir) org.eclipse.stp.servicecreation/ <> (dir) org.eclipse.stp.soas/ <>

We need to organize a little better under the projects to scale better in the future. Instead of commiting the plugins, tests and features as flat hierarchy, I will suggest that these are divided to features, plugins and tests as initial sub-containers. For example, if we transform the core project in this manner, it will look like:

org.eclipse.stp.core <>


org.eclipse.stp.core <>

org.eclipse.stp.core-sdk <>

org.eclipse.stp.core-tests <>


(dir)org.eclipse.stp.core/ <>

(dir)org.eclipse.stp.core.infrastructure.emf/ <>


(dir)org.eclipse.stp.core.tests/ <>

(dir)org.eclipse.stp.core.tests.infrastructure/ <>

Same applies to all other sub projects.

If it is ok with everybody, we will refactor these components and ask the webmaster to remove the others.

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