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[stem-ebola] Modeling healt care worker infection with Ebola, and protecting them.

I remain concerned that decision makers are aware of the hundred fold greater probability for infection of hospital workers, and how their small number threatens the whole system. If anyone can confirm that decision makers understand this, I will feel better.  If not, and anyone knows better how to get the information out, I would be glad to help.

On the modeling front, the November 21 issue of Science has an article on modeling, where the model distinguishes between medical workers, and also transmissions in Hospitals. They publish some data they use for the model, and show it tracking real data.  I think it important that the STEM model catch up on this.

An article in the November 28 issue of Science considers the various interventions being done in Liberia, and speculates about whether the bending of the exponential curve is real, and what has caused it.  The danger to health workers was so obvious to the workers, that the doctors, nurses and other staff stopped coming to the clinics and the Liberian health care system collapsed, with people dying at home of non-ebola diseases.  What I particularly note is that they mention that they are beginning to screen patients at the door of normal clinics for ebola symptoms,  When people with symptoms are found, they are isolated in a room, until a blood test can be done, and then the are directed appropriately. This is what I suggested in the short document I shared. Perhaps this is a good idea that is spreading on it's own. If anyone better suited to pursuing this, than I,  is interested, I will help.

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