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[stem-ebola] Standing guard, in space suit, outside general medical centers

Sorry I was not clear.  

I was proposing a person in a space suit, outside the entrance to all medical facilities, strip test everyone before they go in.  The AAAS article, and others, suggest that the medical staff at the non-ebola treatment centers are catching it.  The AAAS reporting said that the cases where medical workers got Ebola, was people that worked both in the Ebola area, and with the general run of patients in a clinic, and they believe they did not get it in the Ebola treatment, but from undiagnosed patients in the general run of people showing up at the clinic. With some western money, a $2 test for every patient should be affordable.  It will also allow the scared people with other diseases, who now don't go to clinics, to go again.

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