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[stem-ebola] CDC: Ebola Airborne Droplet Spread 'Possible but Unlikely'

'The Ebola virus becoming airborne is a possible but unlikely outcome in the current epidemic, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Tom Frieden said Tuesday.

The outbreak involves Ebola Zaire, a strain that is passed through bodily fluids, not the air. But some experts have expressed fear about viral mutations due to the unprecedented — and rising — number of Ebola cases.

Frieden sought to allay those fears during a call with reporters.

"The rate of change [with Ebola] is slower than most viruses, and most viruses don't change how they spread," he said. Frieden is unofficially spearheading the U.S. response to Ebola. '

[Operon Labs Ed Note: Our literature review indicates the 99 Ebola Zaire isolates from 2014 outbreak are mutating as fast as seasonal flu -- with the Ebola 2014 outbreak only exceeded in substitution rate by HIV-1, Enterovirus71, and a few other RNA viruses.] ]


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