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Re: [stem-ebola] Four Patients Admitted Friday in MD/VA/DC w/ flu-like illness & travel to W Africa

CDC, MD DOHMH , & DC DOH: Testing has 'ruled out' Ebola in patients DC-1 and MD-1.

On 2014-10-03 22:13, vruslan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Patient DC-1:

Patient "DC-1" admitted to Howard University Hospital in Washington,
DC on Friday Oct 3rd -- Recent travel history to Nigeria.  Possible
EVD-like symptoms. Ebola test results pending / not yet performed;
Howard University president Wayne Frederick states on Friday patient
is "low-risk".  Patient admitted overnight & in isolation; possibly in
quarantine; stable condition.

"Howard officials would not say Friday if [an Ebola] blood test will
be conducted on the patient."

Patient MD-1:

Patient "MD-1" admitted to Shady Grove Adventist in Rockville, MD on
Friday Oct 3rd -- Recent travel history to West Africa.  Flu-like
symptoms.  Positive test result for Malaria.  Ebola testing status
unknown -- reports are conflicting. (Some state Ebola testing not
performed; Other suggest Ebola test results are negative). "Our
medical team has determined that the patient has malaria and does not
have Ebola". (Shady Grove Adventist Hospital -- Friday Evening).
Patient admitted overnight & in isolation; "showing signs of
improvement over past 24 hours".  Malaria probable.

"No Ebola blood tests have been performed in Maryland, Dr. David
Blythe, state epidemiologist, said Thursday."

Patient VA-1 and VA-2:

Two additional patients ("VA-1" & "VA-2") admitted in unknown location
in Virginia;  Patient VA-1 from Northwest Virginia; Patient VA-2 from
Eastern Virginia.  Both met CDC Ebola criteria (Recent travel history
to W Africa & Flu-like illness).  According to CBS6 WTVR, relaying
statement from Virginia DOH, "All tests 'to date' have been negative".
 Unclear whether the two VA patients actually lab-tested for Ebola yet
(via ELISA / RT-PCR). Conflicting reports on test results;
"Preliminary results negative" (Friday evening, per VA DOH -- testing
methodology unknown).  Both VA-1 and VA-2 admitted & in isolation as
of Friday 11PM EST, but not under quarantine.  Conditions unknown.
Pending further information.


CDC, DC Dept of Health, and MD DHMH have been notified regarding
patients DC-1 and MD-1.  CDC and VA DOH notified regarding patients
VA-1 and VA-2.

Per CDC:  "Ebola virus is detected in blood only after the onset of
symptoms, usually fever.  [Ebola Virus] may take up to 3 days after
symptoms appear for the virus to reach detectable levels. Virus is
generally detectable by real-time RT-PCR from 3-10 days after symptoms


Patients MD-1 and DC-1:,0,2472058.story

Patients VA-1 and VA-2:
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