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[stem-dev] Minutes from todays community call Weds Mar 11, 2021

STEM Community Call on Weds Mar 11, 2021 at 9AM Pacific Time

1. Welcome and introductions.

2. Updated on Fixes STEM Build for MacOS Big Sur
        see recent bugs below
        Migrated STEM to Java 11.0.8
        Updated required plugins
        Verified maven build (build is now working again)

3. Apache Simplex algorithm. Rjel will investigate

4. Nelder-Mead progress logger (possible performance issue)
5. STEM on Cloud (STEM 5.0) updates
6. New Bugs:
571476 Unable to run from 'development' environment on MacOS BigSur  (FIXED)
571668 bundle required JRE with STEM application (FIXED)
571792 UI (MAP VIEW) not responding in real time since Observable and Observer are deprecated in Java 9 and higher  (in Progress, thank you Anup)

7. Items from Participants.
Taras: Is there an R library or other external for orchestrating large scale STEM simulations on server?
This can be/has been done but the exact implementation depends on the specific use case. The STEM5 plan that Ahmad is workin on would simplify this type of orchestration.

8. Next Call (confirming the Apr. 15)
Webex link:

(We actually had two back to back meetings today due to a problem with the generated webex link)
Jamie (IBM Research)
Eric  (US Biologic)
Everton (no audio ?)
Harsha  (IBM Research)
Taras  (BfR)

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