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[stem-dev] Minutes from STEM Community Call on 7/9/20

STEM Community Call on Thursday July 9th

1. Welcome and introductions.
        Welcome Prof. Frederico Mestre
        Universidade de √Čvora, Portugal

2. COVID-19 model. Any updates or comments on the doc?
3. STEM on Cloud (STEM 5.0).
        update: Branch build is up and running on Eclipse CI. No download target on website yet.
4. Werner and colleagues: update on Eclipse-Con abstracts. Congratulations on the Acceptance!
        Eclipse Con scheduled for October 19-22 (Virtual Event).
5. New Bugs:
        i) Bug: 564216   Defect running Automatic Experiment with multiple Triggers/Interventions
        ii) Bug 564213: Race Condition
        iii) Bug 564217 - Using Standard Loggers with Custom compartments when running on server
        Work around available
        Need to update the model builders java emitter templates to automatically generate
        the required line of code. The work around shows users how to add that line of code.
        iv)  Bug 564218
        Build issue - XText version exceptions running on server.
        Any updates?
        vi) Need to do new Release target 4.0.2 with all recent bug fixes
6. Discussion on use of aging population models for a global scenario (with Prof. Mestre)

7. "FSK-ML (Food Safety Knowledge Markup Language)", M. Filter
8. Items from Participants:
        From Stefan,   Example project download Statistics are not being tracked.
        Would need to move targets from the website to the download server.
        However, Eclipse will still not track downloads from the mirror sites.
        May not be worth fixing this.

9. Next Call (confirmed the Aug 13 date)

Introducing Prof. Frederico Mestre
Raymond Lara

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