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[stem-dev] Reminder, STEM Community call today, April 9 at 9am PT

(apologies for the late agenda)

STEM Community Call on April 9

1. Welcome and introductions. Welcome Simone Bianco

2. COVID-19 (sars cov-2) models
3. STEM on Cloud (STEM 5.0).
        Wayne Beaton told us about new tool to help with CQ's and identify components in need of clearance.

4. New Bugs: Investigating Reported problem generating log files for nCoV = not a bug.
5. Items from Participants.
6. Next Call is scheduled for Thursday, May 14, at 9AM Pacific Time.

Call Info

        Monthly STEM call
        From a Browser:

        phone may not work. Please use browser:
        1-844-531-0958 (United States Toll Free)
        Access Code
        921 496 196 #

        United States Toll

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