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[stem-dev] Minutes from STEM Community Call on March 19

Minutes from STEM Community Call on March 19

1. Welcome and introductions. Welcome Simone Bianco

2. COVID-19 (sars cov-2) models
        Simone Bianco:
                Existing model in STEM
                Asymptotic cases result in escaped from air travel intervention
                Extensions to Model: Explicitly model two interacting strains to test for ADE
                (today there seem to be three strains!)        
                S, A1, A2, I1, I2, I12, I21, R1, R2
                where it's possible for R1=>I2 and R2=> I1 (ie still susceptible to other strains)
                Model has been implemented. Need data (eventually over seasons)
                Question from Stefan re: social distancing by cohort.
                We could use STEM's stratified population model to test curve flattening.
3. Ahmad storing towards STEM on Cloud (STEM 5.0). no update today.
        STEM today works in OCSGI (plug in) framework (Original architecture by Dan Ford).
        In principle individual plugins can exit in different (TomCat) application servers (microservices)
        Ahmad has created first services
        one includes all of STEM (not broken up)
        and a service called "The Bridge"
        i)  We need and official Branch
        ii) We need to update the 'project plan'
        iii) We will eventually need developer doc for people that want to test and participate

4. New Bugs: Investigating Reported problem generating log files for nCoV = not a bug.
                         Global simulation simply takes a lot of memory.
5. Items from Participants.
                Matthias, Status update.
                Made proposal to set up a STEM knowledge base for sharing models between countries.
                Mixing of wild animals inside markets in China.
                Need good science to establish the risk.

                Nereyda thanks Simone for paragraph on CDC model description to George Mason University.
                JK sent query to webmaster re question on download statistics.
6. Next Call is scheduled for Thursday, April 9 at 9AM Pacific Time.


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