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[stem-dev] Minutes from STEM Community Call on 2/13/20

Minutes from STEM Community Call on 2/13/20
(welcome) Raymond Lara (IBM Philippines)
(welcome) Lars from BfR
1. Welcome and introductions
2. Ahmad will lead discussion on STEM on Cloud (STEM 5.0)
        STEM today works in OCSGI (plug in) framework (Original architecture by Dan Ford).
        In principle individual plugins can exit in different (TomCat) application servers (microservices)
        Ahmad has created first services
        one includes all of STEM (not broken up)
        and a service called "The Bridge"
        i)  We need and official Branch
        ii) We need to update the 'project plan'
        iii) We will eventually need developer doc for people that want to test and participate
        Question form Matthias: How would STEM on cloud change performance ?
                STEM is already Muli-core. Individual cloud machines could be very powerful
                Offer the help from the BfR
                Communication with Front End? Will be JSON
                OSGI Models can still be storeds as xml
3. New nCoV model
        Rjel doing modeling with new model
        Visit to CDC
        Call from WHO
        Suggestions from Nereyda, Capture STEM download metrics

4. New Bugs: Investigating Reported problem generating log files for nCoV
                         Suggestion from Emily: remind people they don't have to log every day
5. Items from Participants.

6. Next Call will be:  March 19 at 9AM Pacific Time

Call Info

        Monthly STEM call
        From a Browser:

        phone may not work. Please use browser:
        1-844-531-0958 (United States Toll Free)
        Access Code
        921 496 196 #

        United States Toll

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