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Re: [stem-dev] stem-dev Digest, Vol 130, Issue 1

Thank you Emily,
I made all the changes you suggested (but certainly feel free to edit the wiki with improvements to the doc :-)


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Today's Topics:

  1. Re: new Corona Virus Model (Emily Nixon)


Message: 1
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2020 12:16:07 +0000
From: Emily Nixon <emily.nixon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: "stem-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx" <stem-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [stem-dev] new Corona Virus Model
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Hi all,

I've downloaded the global model for Corona virus and have gone through the doc. I really like that model and it runs well on my MacBook Pro.

As requested here are any improvements/suggestions for the doc (they are all very minor):

 *   You say to double click on the disease model (not the infector), but it might be worth saying that the infector has an I in the corner of the icon (or show an image of the icon),  as a new user to STEM might not necessarily know what an infector looks like.
 *   On a Mac, to access "preferences" you first have to click on STEM (again this was obvious to me, but wasn't sure about a new user to STEM).
 *   You talk about day 50 and 57 in the simulation, but might also be worth mentioning the exact date as it only says the date rather than the day number in the simulation view.
 *   At the end you say "please see the interventions documentation"- although you give the link to that at the top, maybe it is worth putting it in again there?

I can make the changes if you don't have time.

You probably already have access to up to date information if you are working with the CDC, but I thought I would draw your attention to this google sheet that researchers have made available with all the latest data in case it is helpful:

Best wishes,


Emily Nixon
Research Associate

School of Biological Sciences
University of Bristol
Bristol Life Sciences Building
24 Tyndall Avenue
Tel +44 (0)117 394 1389
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Subject: [stem-dev] new Corona Virus Model

Greetings STEM community. With a colleague we created a global model for Corona Virus and made it available on the downloads page. I also added some documentation here.
We tested the download but would very much appreciate your help testing in on your platform and feedback on the documentation.

Please help with any improvements to the doc. This is not a calibrated model but an platform for hypothesis testing. We are at CDC in Atlanta and there is interest here in the ability to quickly test a model with an asymptomatic state.
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