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Re: [stem-dev] Help with building/running/testing STEM


We are a bit confused by your email below. You mention that you are running in a virtual machine. The instructions assume you have desktop access (ie graphics). Is this the case?
Also, does the error occur when you launch Eclipse? What version of Eclipse and what version of Java are you running?
Did you go to the plugins view and validate the plugins for (1) Eclipse and (2) the STEM Run Configuration ?

Dear STEM Developers,

My name is Tyler Malone and I am a computer science student at the College of Charleston. I am currently taking a Software Engineering class, and our term project involves creating a test suite for a piece of open-source software. Our group has chosen STEM. We have two questions regarding the building/running of STEM, and running the tests included in the STEM files.

We are having a few issues getting STEM to build and run on a Ubuntu virtual machine. We are following the steps here:

to install STEM. On Ubuntu, when I get to the step that actually involves launching STEM, the application does not launch. I get a huge error message. I have attached a text file called Ubuntu errors.txt that contains the complete error message. Can any of you tell what I'm doing wrong based on the error message? I have followed all of the directions to setup Eclipse for STEM perfectly as far as I can tell. Every step until launching STEM works for me.

Also, how do we run the existing tests included with the STEM files? We have tried running them as Maven test in Eclipse, and running them from the command line with Maven, but get errors each time. I have attached a text file called Test errors.txt that contains the complete error message.

Thanks for any help you can provide. If more information is needed, please let me know.

Thank you,
Tyler Malone

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