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[stem-dev] Minutes from STEM call on  Thursday  June 13 at 9am PT

STEM conference call by webex  Thursday  June 13 at 9am PT
1.     Welcome Lic. Andoni Sanz Rodriguez and Christoph Rainer
2.     Build Problem (fixed by Ahmad)
3.    STEM Review Article Submission to Health Security
        a.     Call with editor scheduled immediately following this call
        b.    Simone, Jamie and Judy to clarify request for revisions
4.     New project to Model for the Propagation of Pneumonia.
Problems seem to be due to the generated map for El Salvador. We will follow up with a bilateral call to debug the scenario

5.     Items from Participants
JK will create a branch to test helper methods to discover compartments from custom model builder diseasemodels



Andoni Sanz Rodriguez
Christoph Rainer

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