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[stem-dev] Minutes for this week's STEM Community Call

March 14 2019
1. Future meetings will start at 9am Pacific Time. Next Meeting is April 18, 2019

2. Update on STEM Release 4.0
We want to move to just two targets on the Download site.
* A Labeled  STEM Release V4.0.0
* A Labeled  Weekly Integration Build labeled something like: Weekly Integration Build 4.0.0.I2019031412345
* we can comment out the old STEM V2 release and the old stable build v3
* Publicizing the release once items above are complete.

3. STEM 4.0 Bugs
        New bug: McDonald Ross not working with Stochastic Solver. Erik will submit the bug. Fix is on the way.
        Need to investigate and document possible issue causing repeated refresh of models built with the model creator. Which platforms, conditions, etc...

4. Eagerly awaiting reviews on  Paper for a special feature in Health Security

Monthly STEM call (From a Browser):
Access Code
921 496 196 #
Password is stem2019

Or by phone:
1-844-531-0958 (United States Toll Free)
Access Code 921 496 196 #

United States Toll

There are other toll number for other countries available from webex.

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