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[stem-dev] STEM Community Call on Thursday, December 6

The call for the month of December is this Thursday at 9am Pacific Time. This should be a highly informative call, given that we are approaching the release date for STEM Version 4.0.


As always, if you would like to join us, contact me, judyvdouglas@xxxxxxxxxxx, for call in instructions. .





Agenda for the STEM Call on December 6, 2018


1. Update on STEM Version 4.0 Milestone 1


*Rescheduled release date 

*Automatic chron on Eclipse server

*Build push to download page 

*Branch merged on Jenkins server

*Testing on Linux and Windows

*Review, release scheduled



2. Paper for a special feature in Health Security


*Submission date is January 30, 2019; word count is 5000, excluding figures and references

*Coauthors to submit content by end of November

*Judy to prepare first version for input by coauthors in early December

*Will use track changes for shared editing

*Final version to be ready for coauthors’ institutional review processes by mid-January


3. Items from participants



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