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[stem-dev] Agenda for the STEM Community Call on Thursday, June 21st

STEM Users,


Our monthly community call is scheduled for this Thursday, June 21st, at 9:00 am Pacific Time.

As always, if you would like to join us and learn more about STEM, contact me at judyvdouglas@xxxxxxxxxxx for call in instructions.

We hope to welcome you to the call.






Agenda for the STEM Call on June 21, 2018


1. Update on STEM Version 4.0 Milestone 1

Ahmad: Progress with Branch


2. STEM/Eclipse Issues
*Potential build server switch: Decision whether to mount on IBM or Eclipse cloud once E4 is complete
*Modification of Eclipse logos for STEM: Status of formal EMO approval process requested via bug
*Creation of a STEM committer of the year award: Form and process to recognize contributors to STEM as an open source platform
3. Project Updates 

*Anna: Use of model generator to set value for transmission rate with 2 populations; technical detail in equation; YouTube video on model generator; possible feature request 

*Emily: Creation of bug asking for a way in R to do a global change; impact of stochastic solver on the disease initializer—having some strange results    

*Taras: Doc for SIR modeling project to Jamie as zip archive to put as a download on STEM site


4. Bugs

534480: EMO approvals for current and future STEM logos (item 3)

530858: “Randomize Seed” feature moved to branch; Jamie to Close Bug 

530546: Avoiding misspellings in disease and population decorator; new, stem.ui-inbox

530549: Warning decorators not editable through the scenario in STEM; new, stem.ui-inbox 


5. Items from STEM website, newsgroup

30 June 2018: “In AGR while creating datapool ‘Link to Datapool’ is not visible” (Eclipse user)

15 April 2018: Re Java Community Process, link posted for (Werner Keil)


6. Items from Participants


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