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[stem-dev] Agenda for this week's Community Call

STEM Users,


The monthly STEM call is scheduled for this Thursday at 9 am Pacific time. If you want to join in, we welcome you and ask that you contact me for call in instructions.


Hoping to hear from you,





Agenda for the STEM Call on May 24, 2018


1. Status of STEM Version 4.0 Milestone 1

Query re “Randomize Seed” feature in stochastic solvers (available 4/4/2018)

Two updates committed on how RCP app handles commands and icons

Status of EMF: A working build?

Testing? Schedule for move and presentation to Eclipse?


2. Potential build server switch

Discussion with Eclipse webmaster


3. Permissions to modify Eclipse logos for STEM

Formal EMO approval process required; request submitted via bug 534480 


4. Project Updates 

Anna: Use of model generator to set value for transmission rate with 2 populations (water/nonwater birds); Input on technical detail in her equation; View of YouTube video on model generator; Possible feature request 


Emily: Status of work on R package; Documentation on stochastic solvers; Understanding of doc and examples on how to modify mixing edges   


Taras: Status of work with Mattias on batch model; Collaboration with Emily on creating new wiki page on generating parameters for stochastic solver; Further plans for doctoral work, insights from literature review


4. Bugs

534480: EMO approvals for current and future STEM logos (item 3)

530858: “Randomize Seed” feature (item 1); Close bug?

530546: Avoiding misspellings, alternate spellings in disease and population decorator; posted Taras; new, stem.ui-inbox

530549: Warning decorators not editable through the scenario in STEM, need to modify directly; posted Taras; new, stem.ui-inbox; need to discuss solutions; unclear how to handle (pop up? double click?) 


4. Wiki updates

Taras: Conference presentation

Nereyda: Article, citation from conference

Judy: Nima Shariati at Lund University (Sweden) unable to use image of STEM related graph for worldwide air travel as cover for PhD thesis; no wiki posting


5. Items from Participants



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