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[stem-dev] Notes from the STEM call on April 12th

Notes from the STEM Call on April 12, 2018

On the call: Jamie, Emily, Taras, Nereyda, Stefan, Judy

Next call: Thursday, May 10


1. Upcoming STEM release to Eclipse 4.0 to be identified as STEM Version 4.0 Milestone 1

*Unable to join call, will update next month

*Jamie: Ahmad has committed the new STEM4 branch, but not sure of status of changes to framework and icons; after testing confirms we have a working build, will set schedule for move and presentation to Eclipse

*TO DO: Rerun EMF on all

*Taras: Ahmad would like a call with Jamie, Stefan to discuss, maybe the week after next, prior to the next team call


2. Project Updates 

Anna: Problem setting value for transmission rate with 2 populations (water/nonwater birds)

*Unable to join call; has been working with Taras; Taras was able to help

*Taras: They may have a feature request, will follow up with Anna 

*TO DO for Anna: Email equation with technical detail to Jamie & others to review

*Deferred: Report from Anna on her experience viewing YouTube video on model generator (multiple lines in a definition) 


Emily: Problem running experiments with different seeds

*The “Randomize Seed” feature Jamie added to the stochastic solver works!

*TO DO for Ahmad: Move feature to new branch (currently works only in head branch)

*Will report on work with colleague on R package when farther along

*Will provide documentation on stochastic solvers; per Jamie, options are (1) add to solver page, (2) link to new page, (3) create downloadable scenario and include there 


Emily: Query re mixing edges, how to create modifiers

*Response: Mixing edges are modifiable; read basic information on modifiers; consult migratory bird and evacuation examples


Taras: Multiple items

*Re Gitter: Everyone can use, can solve small issues, not large ones; Jamie reports he has joined

*Re Wiki page: Nothing yet, will cover work on batch model with Matthias

*Emily’s experiment is akin to his; will collaborate to create new wiki page on generating parameters for stochastic solver

*Will share poster for upcoming conference (his master’s thesis work) following event 

* PhD work will involve taking systematic look at different population models (animal, human, somatic); currently reviewing the literature; at BfR, he has to collaborates with three different agencies to work, want to determine how to connect


3. Bugs

530858: Need way to run different random number seeds for stochastic solver; “Randomize Seed” feature resolves problem, can close bug BUT must first to move to branch (TO DO for Ahmad)

530546: Avoiding misspellings, alternate spellings in disease – and population decorator; posted Taras; new, stem.ui-inbox

530549: Warning that decorators are not editable through the scenario in STEM, need to modify directly; posted Taras; new, stem.ui-inbox; need to discuss solutions; unclear how to handle (pop up? double click?) 


4. Updates from Team

*Judy: Permission given to Nima Shariati at Lund University (Sweden) School of Economics and Management to use image of STEM related graph for worldwide air travel as cover for PhD thesis; TO DO: Get image of cover, link to the thesis to post on STEM wiki


5. Items from Participants

*Nereyda: Article from conference soon to be published; TO DO: Post link on wiki, add to citations

*Stefan: Weekly integration build working again after brief break

*Jamie: Weekly builds now run at IBM and automatically upgrade to Eclipse; could do directly; TO DO: At appropriate time, discuss potential build server switch with webmaster at Eclipse



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