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[stem-dev] Notes from the STEM Community Call for March

Notes from the STEM Call on March 8, 2018


On the call: James Kaufman, Stefan Edlund, Matthias Filter, Ahmad Swaid, Anna Gierak, Emily Nixon, Taras Guenther, Kun Hu, Nereyda Sevilla, Judy Douglas 


Next Call: Thursday, April 12, 2018 (Stefan to moderate if Jamie is out of the country)


1. Upcoming STEM release to Eclipse 4.0 will be identified as STEM Version 4.0 Milestone 1

*For current workaround to problem with launcher on Mac go to

*Calendar for move will be set once branch version is running and has been tested (see below)

*Jamie & Stefan will present to Eclipse, with input from Ahmad


2. STEM Update

AHMAD: Has created  STEM4 branch, added commands; is testing; can’t find location URI for items in pre-existing menu

TO DO: Ahmad to check in the branch; Jamie and Stefan to review

*Jamie: Should be able to point new commands to icons in GUI

TO DO: Everywhere a new method is used in Java, need to write a intro and mark &GENERATEDNOT to keep from being overridden 


3. Project Updates 

ANNA: Problem setting value for transmission rate; has two populations (water birds and non-water birds)

*Jamie: Want data to be a function? Enter equation into model generator

*Matthias: Standard models can’t solve need to create own disease model

TO DO: Anna to send email with equation to stem-dev; Jamie, others to review

TO DO: Anna to watch YouTube video on model generator (multiple lines in a definition) 


EMILY: Problems (a) running experiments with a different seed, (b) output when running headless; is manually changing the seed, can’t log data

*Jamie: Developed workaround that’s like changing seeds; problem when running headless it that it’s not logging right compartments; can either run batch experiments OR let seed set itself (random) on the clock & STEM will log value of seed (Boolean)

*Matthias: How does she analyze, extract data after running? Taras is doing this

TO DO: Taras to share his work, create a wiki page

*Emily: Working with colleague on R package; may share if helpful

TO DO: Emily to add problem to bug 530858  


TARAS: In a course this week, still planning network modeling projects; in newsgroup, proposed using Gitter (an open platform often used in web programming) as an open forum for STEM users  

*Jamie: Not integrated with Eclipse, should test

TO DO: Taras to pilot Gitter AND mirror discussion in stem-dev; also ask if any other Eclipse projects as using Gitter


4. Bugs

530858: Need way to run different random number seeds for stochastic solver; posted Jamie; assigned Emily; partially fixed by Jamie; Emily to add to bug (see 3 above)

530546: Avoiding misspellings, alternate spellings in disease – and population decorator; posted Taras; new, stem.ui-inbox

530549: Warning that decorators are not editable through the scenario in STEM, need to modify directly; posted Taras; new, stem.ui-inbox


5. Documentation Updates

*Jamie and Stefan: Links restored for solvers using Apache math

*Emily: Doc on stochastic solvers? 


6. Items from Participants

Nereyda: Posted her work using STEM to model disease spread in air travel on the wiki


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