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[stem-dev] Notes from the STEM Community Call on February 8, 2018

Notes from the STEM Call on February 8, 2018

Present on the call: Jamie, Stefan, Anna, Ahmad, Taras, Emily, Judy


Next Call: Thursday, March 8


Congratulations to Ahmad Swaid on his election as an Eclipse Committer!

*Jamie: Election confirmed; Ahmad: Paperwork submitted


1. Upcoming STEM Release identified earlier as Version 3.0.0 Milestone 5 will move to Eclipse 4.0 and thus be identified as version STEM Version 4.0

*For current workaround to problem with launcher on Mac go to


2. Project Updates 

Emily: Finishing course on Java programming using Eclipse IDE this week

*Problem experiments with a different seed (on Windows). Jamie: Problem may be with slash (backward and forward) and string variable; may need to use path.separator to resolve and break up string. Emily: Will work with her instructor for the Java class tomorrow on this

*Java LoopReplace.jar. Jamie: Not likely this is the problem; can print out and check

*Different folders in output (recorded simulations folder) when running headless, not when running GUI. Jamie: Can’t reproduce problem.

TO DO for Emily: Put scenario and command to run headless in box for Jamie


3. STEM Update: Ahmad

As new committer, will split repository, create branch; as soon as ready to do so, will alert Jamie and Stefan


4. Bugs

530858: Need way to run different random number seeds for stochastic solver; posted Jamie; assigned Emily

530546: Avoiding misspellings in disease – and population decorator; posted Taras; new, stem.ui-inbox

530549: Warning that decorators are not editable in STEM; posted Taras; new, stem.ui-inbox


5. Documentation Updates

*Jamie and Stefan: For solvers using Apache math, put in link; improve documentation

*Emily: Write up doc on stochastic solvers after her course 


6. Items from Participants

*Ahmad: Working on project using EMF to generate new forms

*Anna: Problem with model generator setting value for transmission rate; will share equations, formula she want to use on next call. Jamie: Can create with a constant, edit value later

*Taras: Posted bugs above: working on PhD on network modeling, possibly looking at swine fever, Asian flu; in October talked with Emily about project issues, proposes using Gitter to discuss STEM’s open source projects; POSTED ON WIKI 2/8/2018





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