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[stem-dev] Notes from the STEM Community Call on January 18, 2018

Notes from the STEM Call on January 18, 2018


On the call: Jamie, Stefan, Emily, Shiyong, Kun, Taras, Judy, and Tekla and her team members Akos and Tarkin (newcomers, please give me your full names, correcting spelling, and send me your email)


Next call scheduled for Thursday, February 8th


Congratulations to Ahmad Swaid on his election as an Eclipse Committer

*To Do: Ahmad complete individual paperwork; BfR to sign institutional agreement


1. Upcoming STEM Release identified earlier as Version 3.0.0 Milestone 5 will move to Eclipse 4.0 and thus be identified as version STEM Version 4.0

*For current workaround to problem with launcher on Mac go to

*See item 3 for STEM updates


2. Project Updates 

Emily: Resolved problem with vaccination and isolation functions with stochastic solver; has tried multiple fixes but still having problem running batch experiments headless on Windows 10

*Emily: Sent batch file to Jamie to try on Windows 8 via box following the call at


Emily: Will visit Almaden, give talk there to multidisciplinary audience on topic of her choosing


Tekla: Problem with model generator described in stem-dev Vol 104, Issue 2 has been solved; with her team in Hungary, held workshop there; asked for clarification regarding infector [Jamie: takes # or % from susceptible to infectious], innoculator [moves some from susceptible to recovered], and initializer [allows choice, because more flexible, more complicated to use]

*The above, plus doc on shape files, available on the wiki

Emily: Stands ready to help

Jamie: Look for the work Chris Thoens (no longer at IBM) did on pork in Germany; it uses both Pajak and shape files


Nereyda (via stem-dev): Presentation at Transportation Research Board Meeting went well; got good feedback; handout can now be shared; poster “Germs on a Plane:  The Transmission and Risks of Airplane-Borne Diseases” cited on STEM wiki


3. STEM Update

Thanks to Ahmad’s work, now runs on all platforms but icons don’t show (red boxes only); may require manual, distributed fix; cannot merge until there’s a fix to the icon problem

*Group Decision: Check in branch now; commit later

*Ahmad To Do: Get full authorization from Eclipse; check in branch repository; alert Jamie; all developers will freeze new branch 

*Before merge, decide what to do about build program; offer of help appears on Eclipse site


Ahmad found, solved ant bug in Eclipse Oxygen; Dot (.) at the end of the value of the (eclipse.pdebuild.home) Property (C:\Users\swaid\Desktop\Stem\eclipse-rcp-oxygen-1a-win32-x86_64\eclipse\plugins\org.eclipse.pde.build_3.9.300.v20170515-0912\.)

Fix: Remove the dot(.) or add (/) after it; fix posted on stem-dev and the newsgroup

*Jamie: See Bug Fix to ant build updated in the doc at

4. Bugs

See items 3 and 5


5. Items from Participants

*Taras: BfR workshop on STEM included new employee, a physicist specializing in networks

*Taras: To avoid error message generated by misspelling, would be nice to have a dropdown menu to select population; per Jamie, could include sanity check on startup to find strings that don’t match

*Taras To Do: Put in Bugzilla (feature request) 

*Taras: Need to clarify doc that editing a scenario will affect all scenarios with the same object

*Taras To Do: Add to wiki, also Bugzilla; in bug mention need to look for EMF setting, bug probably in XML files

*Jamie and Stefan To Do: For solvers using Apache math, put in link; improve documentation

*To Do Emily: Add item to wiki on stochastic solvers 

*Shiyong: Hasn’t submitted final report; may have a year to create a proposal

*Kun: The International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases is an excellent resource; it had a 2017 conference on water, will have one on vector control later this year; for information go to

*Kun: IBM Health Corps has just opened its call for proposals; these are for well defined projects that have immediate impact (not long term research); the Corps sends a team of IBMers to the winning sites for a month of so; for example, last year Kun was part of a team that went to Panama where they developed a tablet app for surveillance of mosquito populations, another went to Taiwan; governmental agencies and NGOs are invited to apply





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