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[stem-dev] STEM Project New Committer Nomination

Dear Colleagues

Stefan Edlund and I would like to nominate our BfR colleague Ahmad Swaid as a new committer on the Eclipse STEM project. Please find a short bio below.

Ahmad Swaid is a software developer at the Federal Institute for Risk
Assessment (BfR), Germany. He has ten years experience in software
development.He studied Pharmacy at Aleppo University and is now a master's
degree student of Bioinformatics at the Free University Berlin.

Ahmad is working with us to update the STEM build process to take advantage of new e4 features in Eclipse. He has already identified and fixed several important bugs and made several important contributions. A prototype cross platform build on Oxygen is now being tested (and looks very promissing). Bug 528832

Please vote in this election by responding to stem-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Indicate a supporting vote simply by writing +1in the body of the email.

Best Regards,
James Kaufman

IBM Almaden Research Center, 650 Harry Rd.
San Jose, CA 95120-6099
email: jhkauf@xxxxxxxxxx
phone: (408) 927-2477  (tie 457-2477)

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